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If you wish to stay some days we can find you accommodation and enjoy the most living the best adventures. Just tell us what you need to enjoy your time.


We are a group of instructors with more than 15 years of experience on this field. We have the proper education to lead groups of people in all our our activities. We have a wide experience that guarantees the best in all our services. More information and videos on about us.

WHERE ARE WE? (one hour from Valencia)

We are in Montán, Castellón (Region of Valencia) and we make the most of the activities in Montanejos (which is only 2.5 miles away from Montán).

This area is one of the most beautiful spots to enjoy the nature in the Region of Valencia. You may find gorgeous landscapes, lakes and rivers, surrounded by steep slopes covered by rocks and pine trees.


Montán is a small town with a population of 400 people in winter that turns into 2000 people during the summer time. It is know by the huge amount of fountains. The water that runs from them has very different properties as there are many subterranean rivers that run under the mountains and converge in the valley.

Photo: general view of Montán. Photo by fanja

Photo: Fountain in Montán

Photo: general view from Montán


Montanejos is also know by its water. You can swim in the thermal waters of “Fuente de los Baños” or enjoy swimming in the cold pools of its river and canyons.

Photo: Fuente de los Baños, Montanejos



You can visit the famous City of Valencia, eat our traditional paella and walk along the narrow streets of the old town, visit the most modern architecture or have a sun bathing lying on its sandy beaches.

Photo: View of the cathedral: the heart of Valencia’s old town area

Photo: Hemisferic, one of the building in Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias


One should go back to the 5th century BC to start learning about the history of this town. By 219 BC Saguntum was a large and commercially prosperous town, which sided with the local Greek colonists and Rome  against Carthage, and drew Hannibal's first assault, his siege of Saguntum, the opening move of the Second Punic War. After a harsh resistance of several months, related by the Roman historian Livy, Saguntum was captured in 219 by the armies of Hannibal.

You can visit the old Castle of Roman and Moorish origin, the remains of the Roman Theater and the old town full os gorgeous buildings and churches.

It has also a long coastline where you can enjoy the best of its beaches.

Photo: Roman Castle, Sagunto. Photo by sanviek

Photo: Puerto de Sagunto’s beach

  1. Rafting

  2. Kayaking

  3. Canyoning

  4. Caving

  1. Climbing

  2. Rappel

  3. Via Ferrata

  4. Paintball

  1. Bridge Swinging

  2. Hiking

  3. Archery




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Nómada Aventura: Multiaventura, turismo activo y deportes de aventura en el Alto Mijares: Montán, Montanejos, Zucaina, Puebla de Arenoso, Caudiel, Benafer. Avda. Antonio Fornás, 8, Montán. Rafting en Montanejos, Rafting en Castellón, Rafting en Valencia, Puenting en Valencia, Puenting en Castellón, barranquismo, escalada, espeleología, kayaks...